the mask

The Mask

The Mask

How to Make a Face Covering (Eventually)

Now that we have to wear face coverings when we go into shops I thought I’d get a bit creative and actually make some of my own.  

Inspired by Nicola Sturgeon’s little plaid number, I got myself some fabric, some thread and some elastic before finding a really simple little instruction video on You Tube.  

I watched it all the way through and it could literally not be more simple.

1  Cut out two pieces of fabric to measure 9” by 7”. 

2  Cut out two pieces of elastic measuring 7” each. 

3  Pin the first piece of elastic into place along the short side of the fabric so that it rests against the fabric instead of sticking out the side.  Repeat on the other side. 

4  Pin the second piece of fabric on top. 

5  Sew all the way around the edge, leaving a gap at the bottom to turn it inside out. 

6  Sew up the gap 

Literally could…not…be…easier right? 

You’d think. 

On my first attempt it all went really well up to stage 5.  I sewed everything together and realised that I’d attached the elastic the wrong way round, so that it stuck out instead of inside the fabric.  This meant that when I turned it the right way around, the elastic would actually be on the inside!  Duh. 

the mask

On my second attempt it all went really well again up to bloody stage 5 again.  All sewed together and I’d only gone and done the exact same thing.  What an absolute numpty.   

the mask

I had a break for a cup of tea, and chastised myself for my mental block before setting off again.  This time I was going to bring together what I’d learned from the last two abortive efforts.  This time I was going to nail it.  

You’ve guessed it…stage 5.  

It’s official…. I have the brain span of a goldfish.  

There was swearing at this point. 

the mask

On my fourth attempt I actually remembered to sew the elastic on the right way round (woo hoo!).  Unfortunately this time I forgot to leave a gap so I couldn’t actually turn the bloody thing the right way round.  

The good news is that on the fifth attempt I finally learned from my mistakes and actually got all the way up to the final point.  Unfortunately I sewed the edges too far in, so when I put the mask on it actually looked like I had gills.  (see exhibit A) 

the mask

OK, once more and that was going to be it.  It was actually getting dark by this point and I was at risk of the pandemic ending before I’d managed to sew one decent mask.  

Stage 1.  Tick.

Stage 2.  Tick. 

Stage 3.  Almost mucked it up again.  Yes, really.  Tick. 

Stage 4.  Tick 

Stage 5.  Tick 

Stage 6.  Tick

Finally after six attempts I had a mask that I could wear to Tescos with pride.   Now I feel like I need to make a bag to match.  

Maybe I’ll just buy one. 

the mask

If you fancy having a go, and actually making one properly.. here is a fantastic video link for Sweet Red Poppy

Sherry x

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