The Giggling Squid

The Giggling Squid – A Review

We’ve always been really loyal to our favourite Thai restaurant, so when my hubby was given a voucher for the Giggling Squid we didn’t really think it would compare. Still, never ones to turn down a free meal, we decided to go for lunch and see if they could win us over.

Let me put it this way…..we now have a new favourite Thai restaurant!

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a chain, but I tell ya, whoever they’ve got cooking in the Berkhamsted restaurant is Thai-mazing (sorry for the Scherzinger quoting, but it works).

Now for the second shocker…. I didn’t order wine! Unusual for me I know, but I was actually swayed by their virgin cocktails. I’m a sucker for anything with lychee in it ever since I tried a lychee martini, so I went for the refreshing ‘Summer Breeze’ which has lychee flavouring with lime, mint, cucumber and soda. It was really lovely and almost worth the £4.50.

At lunchtimes The Giggling Squid does a tapas menu, which is a great idea as you can try a few different smaller sized dishes, instead of just the one large one.

The Giggling Squid

I went for ‘The Starving Squid’ which had Thai pork dumplings, Thai spring rolls, jasmine rice and a chicken red curry that you would literally sell your mother for! Jon decided on the Chicken Massaman curry, salt and pepper squid, jasmine rice, and lime and chilli beef which cleared the sinuses a treat. Because we are greedy pigs we also ordered some honey duck and some Moo Ping. We had no idea what Moo Ping was, and the waiter’s description of ‘pork on skewers’ does not do this dish justice whatsoever. When you have two grown adults trying to bribe each other to have the last bit, you know it’s lush.

An hour and a half later, we politely declined dessert, felt huge amounts of guilt at presenting our voucher and thus not having to pay a bean for such a feast, and rolled ourselves out onto the pavement.

Seriously, if you haven’t got the gist already, the food was amazing, and we are definitely going back. This time we might even pay!

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