Megeve in the Snow

Megeve in the Snow

Visiting Megeve in the Snow

A Beautiful French Village –

Sun and snow are just a fantastic combination on a holiday, especially if you’re like me and quite like strapping a piece of fibreglass coated wood to my feet before throwing myself down a mountain.  

OK, I know I will have lost several of you by this point already…but bear with me as the beautiful town of Megeve in France is not just for silly people like me, as there are plenty of shops, restaurants, bars and other activities for you to get involved in too.  Also, if you go later in the season you can probably even get away without bringing a pair of snow boots! 

Only an hour’s drive from Geneva Airport, the town of Megeve is absolutely beautiful.  Nestled in a valley, you can admire the mountains on either side, while sitting in the town square sipping on a vin chaud as horse drawn carriages pass by.  Tempting to just stay there, but there’s definitely more to see and do. 

Megeve in the Snow

There are several Michelin starred restaurants in the town if you fancy something…well…fancy.  For us though, we settled for something a little more down to earth.  I can thoroughly recommend Spaggiari, which is a little bit tucked away, although many people still manage to find it.  I guess it’s the good food and wonderful atmosphere.  It’s noisy, full to the brim with customers, and the staff do a sterling job.  

My favourite restaurant however has to be Le Vieux Megeve (which translates as The Old Megeve).  What an absolute gem.  We had wandered pretty much the whole length of the town before finding it, and when we went inside it was decked out in that really old fashioned style, with barely anyone sitting at the tables.  “Aw, let’s stay anyway” we said as we felt a bit mean to turn around and leave when the staff were so polite to us.  Well, thank God we did.  An hour later the place was absolutely rammed full, the staff were beyond lovely, and the food…Oh my God!  Traditional French food, cooked beautifully.  If it had been our first night, instead of our last I would have been back there every single night.  

Megeve in the Snow

Anyway, back to the snow..

We found all the piste runs in Megeve to be great.  As it’s France you have 3 levels, green, blue, red and black.  Greens and blues are lovely for beginners, the reds are mostly generously wide, and the blacks..well I’ll let you know next time. 

As a boarder I’m not too keen on resorts where the pistes are too flat, as I will generally come grinding to a halt at some point and have to either unsaddle and walk, or beg a passing skier to pull me along for a bit.  Neither of which goes down too well.  However, other than a couple of spots where the pistes had become a bit slushy due to the lateness of the season, it wasn’t a problem at all, so a good spot for boarders. Megeve in the Snow

The lifts were all good and without any closures while we were there.  Mainly chair lifts, a couple of gondolas and a couple of drag lifts.  Do try to avoid ‘Lanchettes’ if you are a boarder, or a skier, or in fact a human.  It’s the longest drag lift Ive been on in my entire life and by the time I got to the top I literally wanted to cry.  

There are however plenty of good places on the mountain to stop for lunch or a drink to give you an energy boost, but be warned….prices are not cheap as you are literally a captive market.  To give you an idea, one place we went to for lunch involved a meat & cheese platter, two beers and two glasses of wine.  £100 later….. 

Still, sometimes you’ve just got to say “Sod it”. 

Megeve in the Snow

One place you do have to visit on the mountain, if only for a drink is La Folie Douce, which translates as “The Sweet Madness.”  The clue is definitely in the title as we found out when a DJ started dropping beats on the balcony, before being joined by one guy playing electric guitar who looked like a cast member from Waynes World, and a second guy who looked a little like an auditionee for Ru Paul’s Drag Race who started singing along to the music.  It was bonkers and brilliant…especially after a glass of wine.  

I’ve just noticed, there’s a lot of wine mentioned in this post.  

Sticking to that theme, you will notice that when in France, they don’t generally have a massive selection of wines from other countries, but it did make me try some French wines that I wouldn’t normally choose.  It turns out that I now like French wine too.  

Megeve in the Snow

So, if you’re umming and aaahing about where to go for your next trip to the snow, do give Megeve a try.  As Ive said, it’s definitely not the cheapest of resorts, but a long weekend is fantastic way to sample somewhere new.  I would certainly go back, but next time maybe I’ll bring an outfit to compete with our friend at La Folie Douce. 

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