Lock In on Lock Down

Lock In on Lock Down

Lock In on Lock Down

A Pub Crawl from the Safety of Your Own Home

On Friday night I went on a pub crawl.  Not an easy thing to do when you are in lockdown amid a pandemic crisis, but sick of staying in and watching TV every night, we thought it was time to do something a bit more ‘fun’. 

My hubby obviously thought this was a good idea and one that he was familiar with, so with instructions to go and get ready for a night out, he told me not to come out of the bedroom for at least 15 minutes.  More isolation! 

Dressed up in a faux leather skirt, sparkly top and VERY high heels (me, that is), we got back together in the kitchen, ready to embark on our night ‘out out’.  

“Follow me” he said, leading me through the utility room to the stairs.  “The first bar we’re going to is a blues bar called ‘The Loft.’

Lock In on Lock Down

“Eh?”  I grunted, expecting to be just handed a glass of wine in the kitchen.  

I dutifully followed and lo and behold the door to the stairs now had a sign on it which read ‘The Loft’.  

Opening it and heading up the stairs, I found that our spare room had been transformed with low lighting, blues music, and a cushioned seating area.  There was even a sign to tell me where the toilets were!!!  

I took a seat and ordered a glass of prosecco, and then another, and then a third!!!  I really liked this ‘bar’, loved the music, and we were at risk of having a lock in instead of doing a pub crawl, so when my glass magically emptied itself again, we decided to move on.  

Lock In on Lock Down

This time I was led back down stairs to the ‘Rose & Crown’, conveniently located in the dining room.  This place was a bit more banging, with a jukebox playing random tunes, and a weird, hairy bloke (Barkley) who kept wanting to get involved with our conversations.  

Lock In on Lock Down

We stayed for about an hour and then decided to head off to the next bar ‘The George & Dragon’  just over the road, in the lounge.  This place had more of a 90’s vibe, and by this time we were both getting a bit drunk and decided to hit the dance floor.  The weird hairy bloke who’d followed us, decided to just curl up in a corner and watch.  

The only thing we hadn’t scheduled into our pub crawl, like ALL great pub crawls, was food!!  By this time we were both bloody starving, so decided to just grab some cheesy chips from the chip van outside (the kitchen), and we then ate accompanied by some red wine.  

Lock In on Lock Down

Unfortunately it was soon closing time at ‘The George” and after last orders were called, we staggered back up the stairs to another pub ‘The Cock & Bull’.  What can I say about the ‘The Cock & Bull’ other than its exactly the kind of late night dive that you’d find at the end of a very drunken night.  

Lock In on Lock Down

It wasn’t that busy with other patrons, the lights were low, the music was loud, and the lap dancers were questionable.  At least by this point the hairy bloke had got fed up with us and had wandered off to a knocking shop down the road (his bed).  

We stayed in ‘The Cock & Bull’ until the early hours and were finally booted out when we started causing a scene.  Me insisting I could do the splits on top of the bar and my husband swinging his top around like a sombrero.  I’m not sure, but I think we might have been barred.  

Lock In on Lock Down

Anyway, the good news was we didn’t have to worry about trying to find a cab, and just walked back across the hall to the bedroom where my husband fell asleep within seconds, and I sat up for the next two hours crying, as every time I closed my eyes the room started spinning.  

So all in all, it was pretty much like every single pub crawl Ive ever been on, but at least I got to wear hight heels for once as the distances between the pubs were so short.  

Im contemplating recreating a spa weekend next time, as opposed to a pub crawl.  In fact, I’ll probably never do one again, as I was ill for the whole of the next day.  

Sherry x

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