Learning Makeup Skills

Learning Makeup Skills

Anyone who knows me will be aware that I just don’t do makeup.

In the 80’s it was blue eyeliner and mascara. In the 90’s it was brown eyeshadow and lipliner, and those two major disasters have led me to believe that I should really step away from things I don’t understand and leave it to the drag queens and the beauticians. I am clueless.

Thankfully I’m not alone. So is my friend Leah.

Meet Leah:

Learning Makeup Skills

Luckily Leah doesn’t really need make up anyway, but we both thought that as the years are starting to stack up a bit, it was probably time that we learned how to do our makeup properly, so off we headed to the beauty department at Debenhams.

Luckily for us we managed to stumble across someone who really knew what they were talking about. Someone who was prepared to spend all afternoon advising the pair of us. Someone, who…like Liam Neeson, has a particular set of skills and will not rest until she has shared them.

Introducing the wonderful ‘Lady Clarins’…aka the very lovely Georgia, Clarins Manager at Debenhams, Hemel Hempstead.

Learning Makeup Skills
That’s her in the middle

First in the chair was Leah, and Georgia started by using Eau de Comfort to completely cleanse her face, before adding a serum to hydrate the skin at a deep level, followed by a moisturiser. After this came a cooling eye cream, which can actually be kept in the fridge overnight so you can really feel refreshed. Make sure it’s the cream you put in the fridge, not your eyeballs.

Next was my personal favourite….the SOS Primer. Leah chose one that would reduce signs of fatigue and give a radiant glow. I chose the anti-redness primer for myself. It’s a lovely shade of Shrek green, but once smoothed onto the skin it takes away any sign of redness whatsoever (even spots!). Seriously….it’s like witchcraft!

Learning Makeup Skills

Next up was the BB cream which is applied over the whole face to even out skin tone. Similar to a foundation, but much lighter and it also hydrates the skin. I’ve tried foundation in the past and it’s made me feel like my face is covered in clay, so I was rather hesitant. I have to say though that you don’t even realise the BB cream is on, as it’s so light.

Next for Leah was some concealer under her eyes. She hadn’t slept well, bless her. This was followed with a cream blusher, and then a powder bronzer which was applied with a big brush, first to her cheekbones, and then in the shape of a number 3 from the centre of the forehead, around the eyes, into the cheek and back out and around the jaw line. To hold everything in place for longer Georgia also applied a quick spritz of Fixing Spray.

Moving on to the eyes, she started by applying an eye base colour with her finger to even things out. Next up, a lighter shade over the top to lift the brow, a darker shadow in the recess and the bottom of the lower lid, and also around the underside of the eye. Last but not least, mascara. Her eyebrows weren’t abandoned either, and bearing in mind they are quite light in colour, Georgia used a pencil just to fill them in sightly.

To completely finish the look, Leah chose a matt lipstick based on Georgia’s advice. I had no idea that lipstick now comes in Shiny Gloss, Satin or Matt!!! The beauty industry has obviously taken a few ideas from Homebase on that one.

So what did the finished masterpiece look like?

Learning Makeup Skills
Ta Da!!!!

To be fair, I think she looks just as good without makeup, but for an evening out, Lady Clarins was able to transform both Leah and myself with a really fantastic look, along with some great tips on how to achieve it ourselves.

So, if there’s anyone else out there like me and Leah…clueless about makeup…I would thoroughly recommend booking yourselves in with the Clarins counter at your nearest department store. It’s only priced at £20 and that amount is completely offset by any purchase that you make afterwards. Not only is it incredibly good value, but it’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon with a friend, having your makeup done by a professional, learning the tricks of the trade, and all followed by a cheeky glass of something bubbly afterwards.


Top Tips for Makeup Application:


  •  A good way to find the right shade of blusher to suit your skin tone is to squeeze the tip of your finger, and see what colour it goes. Don’t squeeze too hard for too long though!
  • Wet your applicator brush to make a more intense colour for eyeshadow.
  • When using an eyebrow pencil, use the flat side of the sharpened point as opposed to the end so lines aren’t so obvious. Then go over them with the brush on the other end for a natural look.
  • Lipstick colour depends on skin tone, and if you use a brush to apply it, it will be smoother and last longer. Always use lip liner on darker colours to get a good lip line and avoid bleeding.
  • Never put cream on top of powder.

For more ideas of things to do when you have time off check out the blog at www.adropofsherry.com

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  1. I always enjoy this kind of thing as an outing in itself,. Then I buy all the bits, go home and never use them. Just too lazy. I agree with you about BB cream though.

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