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One of the most fabulous things is to be inspired by something. Art that has been painstakingly created, food that has been lovingly prepared, music that has been finely tuned, words that have been carefully selected, or talking to someone who’s message you ‘just get’.

It can be all of the above, or none of them. It can be something that just triggers a little light bulb moment in your brain, that makes you want to go and follow up on the moment IMMEDIATELY!

Today I had one of those light bulb moments, which is why I in turn felt inspired to come and write about it straight away.

My long suffering hubby and I were due to go for a wander around Hyde End Craft fayre today (on his suggestion I might add). Obviously the ideal in my head was for the sun to be shining in a cobalt blue sky, leisurely wandering hand in hand around fabulous art work, and nibbling at little samples of artisan goodness, while laughing at private jokes and feeling generally happy and smug. The reality of course was never going to be anything like that. In fact it would have involved a chilly grey day, with rain in the air, having stall holders leaping out at us from behind their wares trying to hard sell us into buying jumpers knitted from yak hair. I would be dragging a disgruntled husband around; him sipping on weak tea as we argued about the merits of whether or not we should instead be at home redecorating.


We both came to the sensible conclusion that maybe we’d both be better off if he stayed at home to redecorate and I went to the craft fayre alone to discuss the finer merits of yak hair jumpers. That way we could both be happy and smug.

I was one of the early birds at the fayre, and to be honest it actually was a chilly grey day, with rain in the air. I did have several stall holders that leapt out at me too, but they actually gave me gin to sample and sausages to eat, so it was all good. Im happy to say there wasnt a yak in sight.

I spent a very happy couple of hours just wandering around the stalls, looking at gorgeous things. Beautiful pottery pieces, incredibly unique lamps, fountain pens, tiny ceramic creatures… the list goes on, and I could go on and on too.. but like a fine nibbed pen Im going to get to my point.

What I failed to mention before is that I wasn’t just inspired once, but twice!

First of all by the work of Paula Robinson of The Little Bunny Studio. This very lovely lady spends a very long time, pen in hand creating the most beautiful, natural work from ink and textiles.

My personal favourite of hers was The Harvest Mice which involved over 100 hours of work. Each individual hair is inked on one by one, and she works from photos which she has taken herself. Such dedication AND patience. Her artistry really exudes her love of animals and nature.


The Harvest Mice
The Harvest Mice

My other major inspiration was the artwork created by Glyn Matthews. Oh….my…..God! There are some things that just leap out and whack you round the head to make an impression. Mr Matthews work didn’t do that to me, and I think (hope) that he would appreciate me saying that instead, his work actually very cleverly, and insidiously reached out and wrapped itself around my heart with its inky black fingers.

His clever combination of black ink and coloured light on translucent overlays, alongside his beautiful words really do, as he puts it himself, “balance on the cusp of night and day”. What an evocative place to be.

Keepers Cottage
Keepers Cottage

I’m told that both of these incredible artists are going to be exhibiting at at the Hatfield House Craft Fayre in May. Hopefully by that time my husband will have finished the decorating and I can bring him along to help me add to my art collection!


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