How to get rid of hay fever

How To Get Rid of Hayfever

Hay Fever is the name given to any type of pollen allergy, all of which involve a fine pollen that’s carried in the wind from one plant to another, and woe betide the hay fever sufferers who get in the way!

According to the Met Office, the UK hay fever season lasts from late March all the way through to September, and your own personal hay fever season will depend on the type of pollen you’re allergic to:

Tree pollen: late March – Mid May

Grass pollen: mid May – July

Weed pollen: late June – September

How to get rid of hay fever

I’ve suffered with hay fever all my life, and have always ended up resorting to over the counter medicines, but here are a few easy and natural remedies to make life a little less ‘sneezy’.

1 Take a teaspoon of locally sourced honey every day. You don’t need to scavenge around all the hives in the area…a local farm shop will normally have what you need.

2  Don’t drink too much alcohol


Its true Im afraid, as it contains hitamine.

3 Same goes for pickles, cured and smoked meat and fish, cheese and nuts. Sigh. Thank God ice cream is ok! It is ok isn’t it!?!?

4 Eat plenty of foods that are high in quercetin (a Flavanol which suppresses histamine production). So, lots of green vegetables, berries, beans and apples. Another tip is to add a little turmeric to meals as it’s a natural anti-inflammatory that may help relieve your symptoms.

5 Eating foods rich in beta carotene (carrots, spinach, any yellow fruit) and omega 3 (oily fish) are two more ways to soothe your blocked nose and painful sinuses.

6 Don’t hang your washing up to dry outdoors to avoid pollen sticking to it.

7 Turn your pillow over at night, so any pollen that may have snuck in through the windows and settled on your pillow wont go up your nose. Or, you could try putting a clean towel over your pillow during the day, then removing it at bedtime.

8 Change your clothes when you get in, and give your jacket a shake while still outside to get rid of any excess pollen.

9 Wash your hair and shower regularly.

10 Keep pets clean and give them a good brush to remove pollen. They probably wont thank you for this, but your nose will.

11 If the pollen count is really high and you’re a severe sufferer, it can be best to just stay indoors with the windows shut. Not the most fun on a hot summer day, so make sure you have a fan or air con, and a good box set. The more appealing option is to head off to the seaside.

12 Avoid gardening.

13 Smear a small amount of Vaseline around your nostrils to catch any wayward pollen.

14 Try drinking chamomile or nettle tea as both have antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties.

15 If you suffer from itchy eyes, try wearing wrap around sunglasses as they offer slightly more protection, plus you can pretend you’re in the Matrix.

So, good luck everyone. Try not to mix up the above or you could end up with honey up your nose and a pillow on your head. Still, whatever works!!

See you on the other side.

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