How to Find Out Your Ancestry

How to Find Out Your Ancestry in 5 Simple Steps

So who doesn’t want to know where they came from?

I bet a lot of us harbour some unspoken dream of having a link to a more exotic country than that of our birth, right?

As far as I was concerned, I was born and raised in good old Blighty, but there was always a part of me that fancied having ancestors that might hail from Jamaica or China, or to be honest, anywhere that had a bit more oomph than a small village in Southern England.

None of my relatives could shed any light on things, so there was only one way to find out…

So under dire warnings from my hubby that they would probably keep my DNA sample for nefarious activities, I totally ignored him and did it anyway.

Here’s how it works:

Go on line and set up an account (easy)
Pay your money (ouchy!)
Spit in a tube (yucky)
Put the tube in the post (quickly)
Await your results (impatiently)

Then after a few weeks you get an email telling you that you are most definitely NOT Jamaican or Chinese, and your husband laughs at you….LOTS.

How to find out your ancestry

NB. There’s still an exciting end to my tale as it turns out my DNA does in fact hail from Europe. I’m totally on board with that and I now need to go and do my family tree to see if I’m related to Napoleon Bonaparte. I can hear my husband laughing already. Git.


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