how to apply makeup when wearing glasses

How To Apply Make-up When You’re Short Sighted

My vision has always been pretty shortsighted, in fact I remember getting my first pair of National Health glasses when I was around eight years old. They were bloody awful things, and I remember plumping for the colour pink purely due to the fact that I was a girl and that was the way we rolled in the late 70’s.

National Health Glasses

Nice huh?

After a few years I upgraded to something a little more ‘sophisticated’ but I pretty much only wore them when I really, really, REALLY had to! It’s a wonder I ever had a boyfriend bearing in mind I looked like the love child of Bananarama and Rose West.

How to apply makeup when wearing glasses

The very second that I turned sixteen and started work I took myself straight off to the opticians and hooked myself up with some contact lenses, which was like a whole new world of vision. The first time I popped them into my eyes I could feel them resting just at the bottom which was weird, but I soon got used to them, and since that day have pretty much worn lenses ever since!

Anyway… Ive now reached that age group where all of a sudden you and your friends start holding things further away to be able to see them, and whisking out reading glasses to see menus in poorly lit restaurants. Yeah, yeah, it might be deemed as mood lighting, but for the over 40’s we need strip lighting to see what we’re doing.

I always thought that I’d be ok because I was so shortsighted already I assumed things would just balance out! But no….. that would be too easy wouldn’t it. I now not only struggle to recognise someone waving on the other side of the street, but I also have to push my husband further away before I kiss him, just to make sure it’s actually him.

My opticians thought the best solution would be multifocal contact lenses, and they are ok, but I still need reading glasses on top of them!  So I deal with that ,but here’s my problem.. How am I supposed to put makeup on if I can’t see what I’m doing?

Well it turns out that I needn’t have worried at all, because I’ve discovered possibly the best product in the world!

Makeup Reader Glasses

Make-up reading glasses. Oh….my…..God!!! Someone needs to be earning a fortune for inventing these. Its the basic framework of a pair of glasses with one reading lens, which….wait for it…. can be flipped from one eye to the other while you’re applying your eye make-up to the opposite eye.

So simple and SO genius. It’ll be nice to go out without looking like Alice Cooper for a change!

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