Christmas Centrepiece

Christmas Centrepiece

Christmas Centrepiece –  Learn Something New

Classes at Preston Bissett Nursery

Ive found a real little gem of a place out in deepest darkest Preston Bissett.  In fact, I’m kind of loathe to tell you about it as I want to keep it all to myself!

Sigh.  I’m too good to you lot! 

This beautiful little village, nestled in the heart of Buckinghamshire is home to the fabulous Preston Bissett Nurseries.  

So what?  I hear you cry.

Well, not only do they have an amazing selection of plants and trees, a country shop which you won’t want to leave without buying half of the stock, and a cosy cafe with a great selection of all things yummy…… they also host classes and events for people like you and me to go and get our hands dirty. 

In the spirit of Christmas I booked on to their ‘Making a Christmas Centrepiece’ session, and I bloody well loved it! 

Christmas Centrepiece
I had a long way to go!

On arrival we were all greeted with the offer of a hot drink.. tea, coffee, chocolate, even non-alcoholic mulled wine!  It was only 10am after all.   

Once all the eager participants had assembled we were led down to the purpose built marquee at the back of the nursery where the class was due to take place.  There were three massive tables for us all to spread ourselves around, and the middle of each was literally awash with greenery.  I won’t even try to name all the different types of foliage there were, but the room was beautifully heady with the scent of pine.  

Christmas Centrepiece

We were given a brief and informal demo about how to get going with our centrepieces, and then we were off!   I’d been a bit nervous that it would be quite technical, but instead it was just free-flowing and…fun!   Especially when the mulled cider came round.  We all got a bit more creative after that for some reason. 

All the elements for the class were provided, so we didn’t even have to think about bringing any extras (unless we wanted to) or for forking out extra afterwards.  There was foliage, ribbons, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, glitter, flowers, berries and candles, even dried chillies.

The organisers couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful, and we could work at our own speed too, which was fantastic.  So those who had a bit of experience didn’t have to wait for the stragglers like me!  

The only nightmare is knowing when to stop adding decoration to your centrepiece!  Once you start to pimp up a bit of oasis it becomes like an addiction, and if you arn’t careful you could end up with the ‘Elton John of Christmas Centrepieces’! 

Christmas Centrepiece
‘Candle in the Wind’?

Anyway, my very own flamboyant creation is now sitting proudly on my sideboard, waiting for Christmas (or David Furnish), and I literally can’t wait for my next fix!


Upcoming Events at Preston Bissett Nurseries

Saturday 16th March – A Garden for All Seasons 

Saturday 30th March – Spring Gardens

Saturday 13th April – Pests & Disease (in the garden obvs)

Wednesday 17th April – Spring Container Workshop using Hardy Plants

Saturday 27th April – Designing Small Gardens

Thursday 16th May (+ two extra dates) – Container & Hanging Basket Workshops

Saturday 11th May – Right Plant, Right Place

Saturday 18th June – Summer Perennials

There are lots more classes listed on their website, with full details.  

Maybe I’ll see you there!

Christmas Centrepiece

For other ideas for things to do and places to visit check out Stay on the blog.  For more gardening advice, definitely check out Preston Bissett

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