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Around the World

Around the World

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Many of us haven’t been able to even leave our own vicinities since the March lockdown, but my hubby and I have actually been on seven holidays abroad during that time.  Seven!  I’ll just let that sink in for a moment.  

Like everyone else, we had travel plans this year, and they were cancelled pretty early on, but did we cry?  did we mope?  Hell yes!!  

However, once we’d come to terms with the fact that it wasn’t just the two of us that were being penalised by God, and Boris, and the stupid bloody Coronavirus, we decided to make the best of a bad situation.  

We picked ourselves up and against all government legislature, we started planning an around the world trip.  Our first port of call was going to be France, as there was no point in going any further afield straight away, just in case the first trip didn’t work out.  

So how did we manage it?  

We chose our departure date and printed out tickets for Paris.  We decorated the house with French flags, and tiny Eiffel Towers, and I made a three course meal which consisted of French onion soup, coq au vin and Apple tarte tatin.  

We ate at the dining table while listening to Edith Piaf and got very drunk on French wine.  I would have bought Absinthe, but bearing in mind the supermarkets were even selling out of toilet paper and pasta at the time, it would probably have been quite tricky to get hold of.  

Around the World

At the end of the evening, we took our party out to the streets of Paris (the back garden), where we sat under the stars singing ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’ very loudly.  I think our neighbours would have liked to tell us to shut up, but obviously when looking over the fence and seeing a reject from the Moulin Rouge doing the CanCan with Napoleon Bonaparte, they decided to steer clear. 

Since that first trip we’ve drunk rum in Jamaica, eaten baklava on a rug in Turkey, tried out kickboxing in Thailand, cossack dancing in Russia and sampled the delights of Colombia….coffee of course.

The outfits haven’t got any less ridiculous and some of the food is truly questionable, but it’s given us the opportunity to visit the rest of the world without leaving the confines of Buckinghamshire.  I’m still not sure how our neighbours feel about it, but I have noticed a for sale sign going up…..

Sherry x

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